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If you have a new product coming out in the market, and would like to package it in a different, one of a kind box, then Custom Boxes Hub has got you covered with custom printed wholesale boxes. Irrespective of the product you wish to retail, our in-house designers can come up with bespoke packaging solutions. Custom boxes designed by us can suit your product not only aesthetically but functionally as well.

Over the years, Custom Boxes Hub has successfully provided numerous businesses with customized packaging solutions. The industries CBH has catered to include but are not limited to pharmaceutical, food and beverage, apparel, retail and much more. To facilitate our customers even further, Custom Boxes Hub also offers free shipping all over the US within 12-14 business days of the final order placement.

Depending on the nature of your product or on your preference, Custom Boxes Hub can design a custom box for you in 4 different paper stock options.


Cardboard is one of the most widely used materials for product packaging. This paper stock is the preferred choice for retailers who are looking to package their products in lightweight packaging material. Moreover, cardboard boxes provide the ideal canvas for printing, designing and customizing as the fine material looks exceedingly neat and finessed when completed. Custom Boxes Hub can provide you with fully customizable cardboard boxes as per your specifications and requirements and that too at hard to beat prices.

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Eco-friendly Kraft:

As the name suggests, kraft is the eco-friendliest packaging material in the market as of present. It is deemed as such because of the minimum processes it is made to go through for its manufacturing. Kraft paper stock is exceedingly strong and has a high tear-resistance, making it the perfect option for products that need to be fastened during shipping. If you are a green company, then Custom Boxes Hub can provide you custom printed wholesale kraft boxes at budget-friendly prices. The kraft boxes that CBH offers are fully bio-degradable and customizable, (print and function wise) making them the perfect choice for the environmentally-conscious business.

E-flute Corrugated Boxes:

Corrugated boxes are essentially made out of kraft paper stock but offer a completely different purpose. Comprising of three layers, these boxes have two linear sheets and a third layer of corrugated kraft in between. The corrugations make the end product strong, durable and rigid. These boxes are used to package breakable items or used for shipping purposes. Since the air pockets, because of the corrugated layer, provide cushioning for the product, these boxes keep products safer than other packaging options.

Bux Board Boxes:

Much like corrugated boxes, bux board boxes serve the same purpose of acting as the perfect material for packaging and shipping. Custom Boxes Hub manufactures bux board boxes with custom inserts which add even more protection for the encased product by keeping it in its designated place. As a result, if the box is mishandled during shipping and handling, the product inside remains safe from harm.

Apart from the major paper stock packaging options, Custom Boxes Hub also offers rigid boxes to package high-end and expensive products. Rigid boxes are extremely sturdy and durable. They are predominantly used to package gifts. To customize them, CBH can print them with attractive and high-quality visuals, design and text.

Custom Boxes Hub is your one-stop shop for all things packaging related. By using state of the art printing machinery and technology, CBH manufactures not only packaging for your product but a brand identity. Enhanced branding and marketing are one of the key aspects that prompt businesses to opt for custom packaging. A customized packaging box that has your brand name and logo printed on it will be exceedingly helpful in creating brand awareness among the masses. Additionally, you can also print other necessary information which can include instructions on how to use the product or the ingredients of the product encased. For any needs and purposes, custom boxes by Custom Boxes Hub have got you covered.

CBH offers free design-support for all boxes and can even deliver your complete order to your doorstep in 12-14 working days, anywhere in the US. Get in touch with our customer care, to inquire more about our services or to get a free quote.

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