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BlogTurn a frown into a smile with custom printed mailer boxes.

April 28, 2020by CBH Seo0
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Turn a frown into a smile with custom printed mailer boxes.

There are a few things in life that can be compared to the joy one receives when a long expected package arrives. Be it makeup, a gadget, clothes, or even furniture, the rush that one feels at the delivery time is almost incomparable. Companies strive hard to make that moment even more special.

This is done with the help of custom delivery packaging.

What exactly are delivery boxes? 

If you have ever ordered something online, the outermost box that the product is essentially packaged inside is known as a mailing packing. Simply put, the packaging in which a product (irrespective of what it is) is “mailed” to you is called, it. These boxes can encase anything from makeup to jewelry and even food.

custom mailer boxes

Companies tend to make their custom printed mailer boxes sturdy and pleasing to the eye. As at the end of the day, it is the company’s image at the forefront and the packing is essentially what the customer sees first, the packaging must be both. Sturdy to protect the encased item and attractive to enhance customer satisfaction.

Versatility in custom mailer boxes.

Delivery packaging essentially comes in two types/styles.

Custom Printed Tuck-flap box

The tuck-flap style is quite commonly used when it comes to mailing packaging. These boxes have flaps on the sides that are tucked in horizontally inside or in custom-made pockets. Likewise, there are two flanks on the front flap of the custom mailer box. These two flanks are inserted inside special pockets.

The flanks are inserted so that the packing may be secured in the best possible way, keeping the encased product packed safely.

custom mailer boxes

Bespoke Printed Delivery Boxes

Contrary to common belief, a product may be shipped in whatever style of carton that the sending company deems fit. For example, a necklace can be sent out in a pyramid shaped wrapping. A dress can be sent out in a pillow shaped pack and so forth. The reason that most retailers opt for the generic tuck-flap box is because of its shape.

The generic rectangular shape of a traditional mailing box provides it ample protection in the sea of deliverables that delivery companies usually have. Sadly, the same cannot be said about pillow and pyramid packaging. But hey! There is no need to get disheartened.

If you want to send your product out in a specifically shaped box, packaging companies could most definitely provide you with a bespoke packaging boxes. Any style of box can be used for delivery as long as you use it for mailing.

The appearance of the box.

Reiterating the point above, as the parcel packing will be the first interaction that a client may have with your product, good appearance is key. Quality does not only refer to the materials used in the manufacturing of the custom mailer box but rather the way it is presented as well. Companies that manufacture mailer boxes at wholesale prices offer various customization options.

custom mailer boxes


The most basic way of customizing a custom mailer box is by changing its size and dimensions. However, another way of making it your own is through printing i.e. by simply having some information about your brand, product, or the product’s uses printed. Printing nowadays is used for various purposes in the manufacturing of customized delivery packaging.

Printing for Branding:

The most common benefit and use of printing are for branding. Companies have their name and logo printed on their bespoke product packaging to create more brand awareness. Case in point the mailing boxes used by Amazon. The ‘smiley’ face that is used by Amazon on all their shipping boxes is easily recognizable anywhere.

Printing for aesthetics:

While printing can help greatly in branding, it is also one of the best techniques to enhance the appearance of your packaging. Nowadays printed mailer boxes by wholesale packaging manufacturing companies make use of state of the art machinery and high-quality inks. When used correctly, vivid and beautiful printing can make your packing exceedingly eye-catching.

custom mailer boxes

The Inside of a Delivery Box:

The standard mailer box has an empty shell that can be used to encase a product of any type, style, and shape. However, if you are a company that sells or delivers products of a specific shape, custom inserts can help you greatly in adding protection to your custom boxes.

What are Custom Inserts?

Custom inserts are essentially the cushioning that keep your product safe and in place during delivery. A custom insert can be made out of foam, other materials and also out of corrugated stock. If you ship out breakable products for example, breakable decoration pieces, custom inserts can help your product reach the customer in one piece.

custom mailer boxes

While inserts provide the encased product with protection, they also help in keeping things segregated. For example, for a makeup manufacturer, shipping products like liners, lipsticks and blush in such cartons with inserts can help the products stay categorized and in their designated places. Categorized shipping can greatly enhance customer satisfaction.

How can I get custom mailer boxes?

Simply put, a simple search for your desired packing on Google can help you out a great deal. You can fine-tune your search by adding your location to the search query. Google will then show you results for only those companies that provide delivery packaging to your location. For example, “custom mailer boxes wholesale in Florida”.

From the given options you can then select or shortlist companies that you find reliable. Contact these companies for quotes, as packaging manufacturing companies usually give out free no-obligation quotes. From the estimates you can then decide which company to go with. Happy custom box hunting!

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