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Metallic Foiling

Use our attractive metallic foiling to make the packaging for your goods more appealing. Your packaging will shine brilliantly and have a beautiful stamped impression due to our special procedure. Metallic Foiling, which offers a variety of possibilities, produces an eye-catching impact that makes your goods stand out in a crowded market. For a polished and eye-catching appearance, our electrostatic deposition process puts a thin, exact layer of metal foil on the surface of your packaging. Make use of the appeal of metallic foiling to attract customers with your package.

At Packaging Point, you may choose from a wide variety of enticing metallic foiling alternatives, including gold, silver, copper, and others. Each foil contributes unique features that make your product more alluring and appealing. Silver offers durability and affordability, while gold oozes grandeur and creates a striking package for high-end goods. If you want to improve your package and leave a lasting impact on your customers, use the ideal metallic foil.

Holographic Foiling

With the appealing allure of holographic foiling, raise the bar for your packaging. You may showcase a sense of exclusivity and wow your consumers by including this captivating effect in your personalized boxes. A thin coating of holographic foil is skilfully applied to the surface during the holographic foiling procedure, captivatingly reflecting light. As a result, the packaging shines and shimmers, making a strong first impression and boosting brand identification. Holographic foiling will make your products sparkle, grabbing attention and inspiring awe.

Holographic foils, which are flimsy, translucent materials that may be applied directly over your printed picture, we provide at Packaging Point. In both matte and gloss finishes, the foil is offered in a wide range of colours and patterns, including gold, silver, and rainbow. Notably, holographic foiling is frequently used in the cosmetics sector to provide stunning packaging boxes. This form of packaging increases the perceived value of your goods while also adding glamour and elegance to the exterior. They are perfect for enhancing conceptual clarity and establishing a productive dialogue between a company and its audience.

Aqueous Coating

Leverage the potential of aqueous coating to give your boxes a level of sophistication and protection that is unmatched. By adding an extra layer of protection, this sneaky tool protects your distinctive package from imprints and contamination. Your boxes will keep their perfect appearance with Aqueous coating even after repeated handling and touching. Accept this environmentally friendly finishing method, which works with cardboard, rigid, kraft, and corrugated boxes of all varieties. A sleek, water-resistant surface with a glossy appearance that guarantees the durability of your packaging. The aqueous coating will add the utmost touch of elegance to your packaging.

At Packaging Point, we think that your items should be packaged in attractive and useful ways. We provide unique aqueous coatings as a result, which will not only protect your items but also help them stand out from the competition. With the help of our specialized aqueous coatings, let us allow you to elevate the packaging of your products. We provide many different types of high-quality aqueous coating, such as coatings that are glossy, matte, soft to the touch, satin, dry-erase, etc.


If you want your logo, text, or graphic design to stand out in a uniquely raised or indented silhouette, embossing or debossing is a necessity for packaging boxes. By employing pressure and heat to raise a design on the surface of your product, this process gives your brand identity a new dimension.

With ink or foil, embossing creates a gorgeous effect that enhances the appearance of your products. It is done on personalized boxes, which adds a unique flair and ensures that your logo and branding are noticed right away while generating an unmatched but unforgettable experience.

Debossing is a unique method that enables the creation of stunning designs on paper and other materials. By applying pressure to the back of the surface, a design is intricately pressed into the cloth, producing a beautiful and eye-catching pattern. You can opt to combine the embossing and debossing procedures at Packaging Point to create even more complicated and striking designs. By incorporating additional printing methods like spot UV finishing, matte lamination, and foil stamping, we can produce packaging that is actually premium and sure to leave customer’s stunt. Whether you want to employ text, logos, or other visually appealing elements to make your package stand out from the competition, our staff can assist you in making your idea a reality.

Whether you're looking to create bespoke packaging for a new product launch, a special occasion, or simply to boost the image of your business, our team of professionals and experienced members can help. Together, we'll thoroughly comprehend your concept and produce packaging that meets all of your needs.

  • We create a 3D design that pops from the surface
  • Excellent for custom wallets, padfolios, briefcases, baggage tags, and other leather accessories
  • Does not affect the back of the material
  • Creates dimensional depth in the pattern
  • The designs are easier to apply ink

Get in contact with us right away to find out more about our embossing and debossing services and to start working on your custom packaging project.

Gloss & Matte Lamination

The gloss lamination option is an inexpensive approach to give your package a layer of durability while also producing a striking appearance that is guaranteed to draw attention. Gloss lamination is the way to go if you want to design packaging that attracts attention and offers dependable protection. Not only do we at Packaging Point provide gloss and matte lamination options for your product packaging, but we also give you the possibility to make your goods stand out from the competition.

For those who prefer to add a bit of elegance to your packaging, our matte lamination option is ideal. This sleek finish gives your goods a genuinely premium look and feels while reducing glare and subtly enhancing their elegance. Additionally, it's a fantastic technique to shield your goods from environmental deterioration while in transit and storage.

You can upgrade the packaging for your products with our gloss and matte lamination choices. Moreover, working with Packaging Point means you'll have a team of professionals committed to realizing your idea in addition to high-quality finishes. Contact us right away, and together, let's make your products shine.

Spot UV & Blind UV

Improve the packaging for your brand by using our quality Raised Spot UV and Blind UV processes. Your customized packaging will stand out from the competition thanks to these innovative printing techniques. Our Raised Spot UV method produces a striking three-dimensional effect that gives your product packaging a dash of class and style. Your product packaging will become more beautiful and memorable thanks to the elevated parts of your design that will catch the light and the attention of your customers.

By adding a delicate and elegant texture to your packaging, even where there are no printed designs, our Blind UV approach elevates the process. This provides a degree of intricacy and depth that will make an impression on your customers that they won't soon forget. Blind UV is ideal for adding a distinctive touch to minimalist designs or for conveying a sense of exclusivity and luxury for high-end products.

These methods not only have beautiful visual effects, but they also have useful advantages. Your packaging will be more robust and long-lasting because it will have additional layer of protection offered by our Raised Spot UV and Blind UV coatings. They also cost less and are more environmentally friendly than other print forms.

Packaging Point is dedicated to assisting you in developing unique wholesale packaging that flawlessly portrays your company and its goods. Just two of the many alternatives we provide to improve your packaging design are our Raised Spot UV and Blind UV processes. Persuade your customers to remember you by upgrading your packaging with our assistance.

Silk Lamination

The best packaging option, silk lamination, enhances the richness of your goods while shielding them from the damaging effects of the environment. The scratch-resistant surface on this high-performance lamination radiates refinement while giving your personalized boxes outstanding longevity. Your clients will remember the smooth, velvety touch that resembles peach skin and highlights your brand's dedication to perfection.

The best finish, Silk Lamination, gives an additional level of refinement to your item regardless of whether it is retail packaging, personalized invitations, presentation folders, hand tags, rack cards, or everything in between. With our quality Silk Lamination, you can elevate the packaging for your business and leave a lasting impact on your clients.

The best quality lamination for a range of materials, such as cardboard, corrugated fiberboard, and paperboard, is something we take great pride in at Packaging Point. Our Silk Lamination technique is the ideal option for organizations wishing to produce luxurious custom boxes that are consistent with their brand values since it adds value, prestige, and protection to an already striking design.


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