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Present your Cigarettes in Style. Custom Boxes Hub is now providing custom cigarette boxes for tobacco firms that want to present their cigarettes in a unique style. We are manufacturing cigarette boxes in contrasting shapes and sizes, providing aesthetic perfection for both users and firms. We prepare these boxes with premium-quality material to ensure that they are not only durable but also visually appealing. We are also providing cigarette boxes with high-quality printing of your brand's logo on these boxes, making them a quality branding tool for you.

If you are looking to get these boxes for your business, then I also have a surprise for you. Custom Boxes Hub is now offering cigarette boxes wholesale to get orders in bulk with affordable rates. The only thing that makes us distinctive from others is that we provide custom cigarette bulk at economical prices without compromising the quality of a single box. So get a Free Custom Quote Right Now and Let us serve you.

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Dimensions All custom sizes & shapes
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Default process Die cutting, gluing, scoring, perforation
Printing Cmyk, pms, no printing
Options Custom window cut out, gold/silver foiling, embossing, raised ink, pvc sheet.
Turn around time 10-12 business days , rush
Paper stock 10pt to 28pt (60lb to 400lb) eco-friendly Kraft, e-flute corrugated, bux board, cardstock
Proof Flat view, 3d mock-up, physical sampling (on Request)

How Custom Cigarette Boxes Take Your Brand to the Next Level?

Cigarettes are a product that requires excellent attention to detail when it comes to their packaging. Down below will discuss the many benefits these cigarette packaging boxes bring to your company. 

Now, tobacco brands can also get a glittering reputation in their crowded market. The benefits you can enjoy with custom cigarette boxes are not limited to one or two. Custom Boxes Hub is now providing efficient custom cigarette boxes for your brands, with which you can get multiple benefits in terms of branding at economical prices. We have the best crew of experts who are keeping an eye on all marketing trends to provide the best custom cigarette boxes by engaging the latest market trends with customer preferences. 

"Our crew's ability to breathe life into cigarette boxes is nothing short of extraordinary. "

We are providing each of our cigarette boxes with endless printing options in which we consider the client's preferences in printing eye-catching colors on these boxes. Our main agenda is to provide custom cigarette boxes with fascinating colours and styling to enhance the buyer's experience towards these cigarette boxes. We are moving with the technology and using modern tactics in printing, such as 3D printing techniques, to cover all aspects of brilliance in these custom cigarette boxes. Another primary reason why CBH is stealing the show is providing all types of custom boxes according to the preferences of their customer. Make us the customer's trusted packaging partner for a decade and a half.

Variants of Cigarette Packaging Boxes:

Like other products, CBH is also allowing tobacco industries to present their products in different variants. Now, tobacco businesses are also upgrading their products by providing cigarettes of different flavours and even with different shapes. We are providing custom cigarette boxes with varying options of printing to fulfil all flavours of cigarettes. Custom Boxes Hub is now providing paper cigarette boxes for those businesses that are looking for sustainable but effective packaging for their brands. Many brands are also upgrading their cigarettes with electronic cigarettes as an alternative solution to tobacco-based cigarettes. Where these cigarettes are alternative options for tobacco, they are sensitive too. They need proper packaging that not only protects them from damage but also provides them with a unique identification. 

Shape and Safety

Custom cigarette boxes are one of the most stylistically designed boxes out there. They add tremendous value to your products and leave a fantastic impression on potential customers. They look sleek and stylish, but most importantly, they look unique. Innovation drives your sales up regarding packaging, and these custom printed boxes offer precisely that. You can use these boxes for all different kinds of cigarettes. These boxes are an assured way to bring eyes to your product.

Not only are these boxes stunning to look at, but they are also secure and keep your products safe. Safety and style are the two main things you should be looking for when deciding on the packaging of your products. You will cover both of these factors with these stunning cigarette boxes. These sturdy packages protect your cigarettes from fall and water damage, ensuring your customers get the best quality possible. They’re also the best for keeping your cigarettes fresh and maintaining their quality. This is a key factor as no one wants to smoke stale cigarettes. 

Printing and Design Capabilities

Custom cigarette boxes offer designing and printing options to make your products look beautiful. When you decide to use cigarette box packaging for your product, you can design them to complement your brand the best. 

These cigarette packaging boxes are fully compatible with several printing methods to make your packaging shine. Firstly, you should ensure your brand’s logo sticks out and shines through the design. This is the most crucial aspect of designing your product’s packaging. 

It would be best if you designed your packaging to complement your logo rather than distract consumers from it. This means that you need to think of your color scheme, fonts and box size in a way that keeps your logo prominent. Secondly, you need to decide on a color scheme.

The color scheme is an essential facet of the design. Consumers will notice your product’s color before anything. Therefore, you must pick a color scheme that is eye-catching yet subtle. As mentioned earlier, you must coordinate the color scheme with your brand’s logo to have the most significant impact.

Next, we must discuss unique artworks that can shape your aesthetics. Adding creative and visually pleasing artwork to accompany your packaging will be of tremendous value. Consumers love to see something artistic, so you should look to create patterns or custom artwork to represent your brand. The printing capabilities of these custom cigarette boxes are unparalleled. They support several types of printing and will ensure that your packages look marvelous. 

Another essential facet of custom box printing is the information you choose to print. Adding relevant information to your cigarette box packaging will make your product look more authentic and trustworthy. You should add information like the manufacturing date, expiry, benefits, and ingredients to your packaging. This information will win your brand a vote of confidence from potential customers. 

Finishing options

Custom cigarette boxes give you an array of gorgeous finishing options. These include matte UV, spot UV, gloss lamination, and embossing. It would be best if you looked to find the best fit for your brand and product to give it the look you imagined. 

Spot UV is an excellent option for more expensive items, as it helps make your packaging look classy and sophisticated. Matte finishing is a fantastic option for darker colors, primarily if you use embossed fonts. 

You can add a regal aesthetic to your packaging using metallic fonts over matte black or dark colors. The finishing options depend on the rest of your package’s aesthetics.


Buying custom electronic cigarette boxes wholesale is a great way to save on costs. These packages will save you money in the long run and bring you a great return on investment. These cigarette packaging boxes will do wonders for your sales through their marketing capabilities. Attractive packaging leads to better marketability, automatically making your products more attractive to potential customers. 

Custom Boxes Hub is now providing custom electronic cigarette boxes with custom inserts to accommodate electronic cigarettes and their accessories, such as charging wires as well. All these benefits you can get at Custom Boxes Hub. With custom electronic cigarette boxes wholesale, we are providing you heaps of price relief on ordering cigarette boxes in bulk.

These boxes cost less and bring in more money, making them perfect for small businesses. CBH prides itself on creating opportunities for small businesses to thrive at the same level as the industry giants. It all starts with the packaging when you’re trying to compete with massive companies. CBH provides these beautiful boxes along with design consultation at the best rates. We have cheap rates for premium products so your small business can thrive!


Custom cigarette boxes are the way to go if you want to package your products with some flair; you can’t go wrong! These boxes offer style, innovation and creativity to your potential customer and help drive sales. 

Are you convinced cigarette box packaging is the right choice for your products? Look no further than Custom Boxes Hub to solve all your packaging problems! Get a free quote now, and let’s start our packaging journey together. 



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What are Custom Cigarette Boxes?

Custom Cigarette Boxes are those boxes that are shaped to provide a fixed accommodation for cigarettes. These boxes are not limited to tobacco cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, and vapes but also deserve packaging boxes not only for their protection but also for their branding, which can only be done by these boxes.

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Can you supply Custom Cigarette Boxes in custom size?

We know that cigarettes are also manufactured in different shapes and sizes with respect to their flavors and quantity. We are manufacturing cigarette boxes in flexible sizes. You can also present us with your own sizes and shapes by filling out the form on our homepage.

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Can you print my logo on the boxes?

CBH is a brand that prefers to go with the flow; we use advanced printing types of machinery and can print your brand’s logo on custom cigarette boxes in multiple colors with high-quality inks.

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Do you offer Custom Cigarette Boxes at wholesale prices?

CBH is now offering a Grand wholesale offer on these boxes. We are providing custom cigarette boxes in bulk at very reasonable prices as compared to the market.

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What kind of materials do you use for producing Custom Cigarette Boxes?

We are manufacturing cigarette boxes made from materials such as paperboard, cartonboard, or corrugated cardboard, and may be coated or laminated for added strength and durability.

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Can you do a gold foiling logo on these Custom Cigarette Boxes?

Yes, if you have a desire to present your brand's logo on these boxes with gold foiling, then we can do this for you with our advanced printing techniques. We prefer our customer's choice in all aspects of preparing a custom box. Like gold foiling, you can also present your own preferences in their designs, shapes and colouring.

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Do you provide custom inserts in these Boxes?

Yes, we are providing custom inserts, especially for electronic devices. As we know, these are electronic devices that are manufactured with accessories such as charging wires, coils, and flavours. We are providing all custom inserts to accommodate all these things in a single box. You can present us with your idea of what kind of box you are looking to raise your electronic cigarettes in the market, and we will make things real for you. Get a Free Quote and enjoy the packaging journey with CBH.

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How can I send my artwork?

You can send us your artwork on our official email address (

Would you like to avail free sample kit?

We at custom boxes hub, realize the importance of press samples to demonstrate our packaging capabilities. therefore free sample kits are offered to our customers which include random box samples of our past done work.

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