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January 13, 2020by CBH Seo0
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4 Reasons Why Our Boxes Stand Out


Cardboard boxes were invented in England in 1817, almost 200 years later, these are still used in various form for instance Custom boxes.

The packaging of a product has a huge impact on brand perception. The first interaction of your product with your potential customer is through the box your product is packed in. The conversion of an onlooker to a customer will depend on how they perceive the product by looking at the package. Does the box stand out? Does it look high-quality? Is it up to the market standards? Does it captivate the customer?

After years of experience in the market, Custom Boxes Hub has developed a carefully constructed regime to ensure complete client satisfaction. The entire customer experience depends on ensuring exceptional quality and convenience. Here are 4 ways we make our packaging boxes stand out:

We Let the Clients Lead The Way:

Businesses that sell to businesses must keep in focus the importance of maintaining and promoting their distinctive brand identity. The goal is to create a customized box that complements the product.

By equipping your client with the power of sharing their ideas, requirements and preferences, you will get an insight into their minds. This will help execute their directives and create something extraordinary for them to market their products in. On-spot branding, the perfect size, the perfect color and the perfect finish.

We Step in When Expertise is Required:

Once we open an expansive communication channel with our clients; our design team works closely with them on finalizing the 3D samples. Where expertise is required, we take over. The customizable options for the material of the box are all durable and have their own pros and cons. We educate our clients about the most suitable material for their box according to their preference, and get to work!

The printing technology we use is state-of-the-art. It yields exceptional print, sharpness and  color that doesn’t fade with time. The finishing of the custom boxes is done carefully and aesthetically, and with pure precision.

Our Add-Ons:

The customizable box with exceptional print is now almost complete. The charm, however, lies in “something extra” that takes the box from good to exceptional. To go above and beyond, we have a list of additional customizations including gold/silver foiling, embossing, debossing, raised ink and Spot UV. Our finishings include matte, glossy, laminated and many more.

By incorporating these add-ons to your already exceptional custom box, we’re ensuring that the uniqueness of your product is reflected on the packaging box as well.

Quality and Cost

Using the right material for custom boxes is important – unless the packaging of a product is sturdy, it won’t hold up. Imagine looking to buy a product but the box you choose is rough and worn out around the edges, possibly affected by moisture or flimsy. It’s the worst first impression you can make on your customer.

Promising quality means focusing on all internal and external aspects and ensuring everything is 100%. The materials we use for creating our custom boxes are tested, and proven durable and high-quality. The quality of the box paired with our up to date printing technology result in the most high-quality, elegant looking custom box you could wish for.

Packaging boxes aren’t only a necessity for the safekeeping of your products, they’re also an impressive marketing tool and an accessory. If designed correctly, it adds value to your product and directly impact sales. To shop, visit our product gallery!

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