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Blog7 Amazing tips to make your brand look fabulous with custom hemp boxes

March 22, 2022by CBH Seo
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7 Amazing tips to make your brand look fabulous with custom hemp boxes

custom hemp boxes

All the hemp manufacturers are looking for up to the mark, fabulous, and extraordinary boxes for their products. It is getting difficult for everyone to beat the huge competition in this industry; that’s why they are investing too much in the packaging of hemp. This is because now brands are not limit to conventional marketing; they are also using ecommerce packaging for marketing and generating sales.

That’s why one wants to present hemp products online, with good photographic boxes and an appealing look of the box. Now standing out of the competition require effort, struggle, and smarty work. Only customized packaging solutions, in which one worked on every single inch and design a perfect box, is become essential. Nowadays, everyone wants personalized, best-experienced cartons, brand colors, unique styles, eco-friendly material, neat packaging, and creative artwork on the box.

Use foiling’s for brand name:

When we have an option for the foiling, it is difficult to find the perfect foiling and where it should be applied on the box. Foiling shades, colors, and glitters are available in a huge variety. Gold, silver, metallic, blue, green, purple, and all other colors foiling’s are available online. The next question is the perfect place to apply to foil. For this, customization is required, and here are the suggestions;

  1. Apply metallic foiling’s on the logo of the box
  2. Apply on the text
  3. Find the most important text or figure and add foiling’s on them.
  4. The hemp product name can written in foiling

When we talk about the fonts, then they should resemble the parent product font. Coca-Cola uses its own typography and font style that is recognized worldwide. Hemp product’s unique fonts written in foiling’s would stand out your products among the competitors as packaging is the first impression a customer sees in the malls, so the customer should experience luxury feelings.

If you are using the minimalistic approach, then the only symbol printed on the help box should foiled. On the other hand, if the massive text is written on the box, then the only logo, product name, or partial part should foiled. In this way, you were managing the balance in foiling and other stuff on the box, yielding the best hemp box packaging experience.

Add seals on the box to get trust:

If you have been working for a long in the industry, are already a brand, or have achieved the milestones in life, then this is the time to share with your customers. Make a seal of your origination and place it on the box; all the passersby and existing customers will know your achievement. This will not only build the trust of the customers but also make your box appealing and stunning.

Such seals, promotional prices, and certificates grab the attention of the customers build trust and authority of your product in the mind of the customers. Here are the options to add stamps and seals to the box;

  1. Add them in embossing effects
  2. Use custom hemp boxes and make the seal appealing and personalized
  3. Use luxurious and prominent font on the seals
  4. Don’t place seals with factual errors
  5. Add on the front panel
  6. Use minimalistic approach
  7. Define a clear message on the seal

Seals always become a source of trust and authority. People love to buy from suppliers and manufacturers who are more authentic in the eye of society. Add to this, and few hemp products have essentially required the certifications. So, before selling to eh customers tell them the truth and real facts about your products.

Add QR tracking codes on the box:

These QR codes are used for the tracking of orders, pricing, and other taxes. QR codes make it easier to scan any time during transportation and at the point of sales. According to research, people have more trust in the products that are tracked digitally through bar codes. There is software that applies the codes, or you can also label QR codes on the hemp products manually. This also builds trust, easily in stocking, and helps in managing inventory. This is a machine scan-able image and can read easily by using smart cameras or even from mobiles. So, anyone can read the hidden information about hemp easily.

  1. Customers can land on your hemp products website directly
  2. You can save the business number in them, so your customer directly contact you
  3. You can send the message clearly to the customers
  4. They can read the email address hidden in the code and reduce the spamming
  5. Your website app could downloaded easily
  6. They can see the location of hemp products manufacturers
  7. Use in Ecommerce tracking
  8. Get more customers satisfaction, psychologically

Taglines, slogans, symbols, and brand messages on the box:

Taglines of your business, your well-known slogan, and your brand message are always conveyed to the customers through the custom hemp boxes. Actually, custom printed hemp boxes are designed in a way to tell most of the things to the customers in the form of text written on the boxes. So, design a good box and convey your brand message neatly. Taglines that written on the box are remembered easily by everyone and become word of mouth.

Use stylish boxes for the fabulous look:

Unique style boxes also make your boxes appealing and eye-catching. When you are printing custom hemp boxes wholesale amount, then its style should unique and up to the mark. There are lots of creative styles that could used.

  1. First, analyze the designs of the competitors
  2. Then analyze your hemp products requirements, dimension, and sizes
  3. Check the trends in the industry and find the best one

High-quality material with quality ink:

Few materials get fade after printing or raise the price of your products. For this, the best inks and materials combination required. Packaging engineers and art directors use techniques, prices, costing, and other analyses to find the best material and ink for the hemp packaging.

Personalize and customize the box:

Through customization and personalization, you can get your desired shape of hemp boxes. Placing text and presentation of logo and bright colors using is only possible by customization. In personalization, you target the specific region audiences, and a specific is by geolocation, culture, and language.

All the above-mentioned techniques are used for the hemp boxes packaging, and you should try all of these.




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