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BlogHow To Add The Spirit Of Holidays To Your Custom Gift Boxes

January 7, 2020by CBH Seo0
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How To Add The Spirit Of Holidays To Your Custom Gift Boxes


During the holidays, the whole atmosphere around the town, in one’s social life, and other aspects as well is celebratory. Homes, schools, colleges, restaurants and basically all spaces are decorated with lights, hanging ornaments and much more. Along with decoration, gifts are exchanged among friends and family members. All these things have become an integral part of the American lifestyle and help one celebrate the holidays in the spirit of togetherness and happiness. When people give gifts to each other they are wrapped in special decorated wrapping paper and the gift itself is put inside gift boxes. If you are a gift box retailer or wish to have custom gift boxes made for the holidays, read down below to get some inspiration.

Customizing Kraft:

It is common knowledge that kraft stock is one of the eco-friendliest materials in the market available to manufacture custom boxes. It is beige-brown in color and coarse textured. If you are an environmentally conscious brand and are looking for materials that will have a minimum effect on the environment, kraft is the perfect choice for you. Customizing these boxes for the holidays can be a simple route as you can opt for various holiday related symbols and such. By printing Christmas trees, reindeers, or even having an overall simple print of a specific symbol, the kraft box will be ready. Simple and minimalist.

White corrugated:

If you aim to make packaging boxes for breakable products, the corrugated stock is the recommended stock. This stock has corrugated liners between sheets of kraft, providing cushioning to the product from all sides. As the corrugated stock is also essentially brown, it can be whitewashed to present a clean surface for customization. The white surface can be printed with any color on the spectrum, with any wish, text or image. Going with a scenic theme can be a great and innovative way of making the boxes customized for the holidays.


Irrespective of the stock, if you wish to customize your product packaging specifically for Christmas, you can have them printed in the traditional Christmassy color of green and red. The design or the pictures on it can be printed in white, for a snow-like look and feel. The design or image elements can include mistletoe printed all over and the text can be foiled in gold for a more high-end look and feel.


If you wish to go the luxurious route, the rigid stock is the perfect choice. Any product ranging from clothes, accessory items like cufflinks and watches can be encased in these boxes. The rigid stock is much thicker than corrugated and cardboard. It not only looks high-quality but feels high-end too. The box style that you can opt for can either be a lidded box or a magnetic flip top box. The versatility of these styles allows them to be used for a ton of different products and purposes. By incorporating custom inserts inside the box, you can successfully encase any product and keep it safe.

Whether it is gift boxes that you are getting made or custom boxes for any other purpose, all boxes can be customized. Make sure to consult with the packaging company that you order from as they will be able to guide you better.

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