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BlogThe Versatile Uses Of Custom Pillow Boxes Across Various Industries

January 6, 2020by CBH Seo0
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The Versatile Uses Of Custom Pillow Boxes Across Various Industries

When ruminating about packaging boxes, a pillow is the last thing that crosses one’s mind. When the essential purpose of a pillow is to provide a soft surface for the head to relax, how can a box, made out of hard material, be shaped like a pillow? Well, you would be positively surprised to know that custom pillow boxes are some of the most commonly used styles of boxes all over the world. The boxes are made to resemble the traditional shape of the pillow. The sides are joined together and the middle is raised, providing apt space to encase any product. They are essentially made out of cardboard, kraft and textured stock as the rest of the stock options in the market may not embody the structure, shape or look of a pillow effectively.

The pillow boxes can be customized in numerous ways to serve different purposes. The most commonly seen customization on these boxes is the printing of the name and logo of the company, attractive and vivid images, instructions on how to use the product, and other product related specific information. As pillow boxes are not specifically used in a single industry, their uses vary from retailer to retailer. If you have ever wondered what kind of industries these boxes are used in or what kind of products are retailed in them, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog we will dive deep into the world of pillow packaging and take a look at the different industries they are used in.

Wedding Invites:

The most common usage of pillow boxes is in the shape of wedding card packaging. The invitation card is encased inside the box and the box itself has minimal information printed. Most boxes have the name of the couple printed for example, “Harry and Emilia”. Other elements of decoration like die-cutting in elegant patterns are also incorporated to add a more elegant look to the packaging. Couples who like to have precise and vivid printing opt for cardboard, whereas couples who are more environmentally conscious opt for kraft.

Apparel Items:

Another industry that makes use of wholesale pillow boxes quite frequently is the apparel industry. Items like shirts, dresses, ties, bows, socks and suspenders are encased and retailed in them. A die-cut window is inserted at the front of the box or the box is made to have a flap opening. The die-cut window is inserted so the encased apparel item can be viewed clearly, enabling the customer to make an informed choice.


The food industry also makes use of custom printed pillow boxes. The food items that are encased and retailed in these boxes are predominantly dry for example, dried fruit, cereal, nuts, bakery products like croissants and such. Kraft pillow boxes make rather attractive food packaging boxes as they are not only functional and environmentally friendly but aesthetically pleasing as well. Tiny foods like candies and chocolates are also packaged rather frequently in pillow boxes.


Accessory items like jewelry, and mobile accessories (earphones and mobile chargers) are often packaged and retailed in pillow boxes. The versatility of the shape of the box allows it to be used by multiple industries and for multiple purposes. As pillow packaging is not definitively shaped like a four-sided box, it offers much leniency in terms of product encasement. Any object that is pliable and does not have sharp edges that could damage the pillow structure or be damaged by it can be successfully encased and retailed in it.

While the given above industries are the major users of pillow boxes, they are however not the only ones. The one of a kind shape of this box makes it a desirable and suitable packaging box for many products and purposes.

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